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Kobold Sociology

Kobold society like all societies was formed by the needs of the society. Kobolds are under almost constant attack. This has caused a very high level of paranoia of a cultural level. It has also forced them to work together better than many races. This is not to say there is no petty infighting but it tends to be directed.

First males and females are complete equals. They have the same chance for any position within the tribe. The fact that they are egg layers means they are not restricted while the child is developing. So females can serve as warriors as easily as males. Warriors are given deferential treatment. This mainly due to the fact that they could die at any time.

The lowest class are the common workers. These tend to be the skilled and semi skilled workers that fill out the majority of the ranks. They sometimes can be very skilled at what they do. They tend to have whatever job needs doing however.

Above the commoners are the experts. These are kobolds who have rare and specialized skills such as weapon smithing, animal training or a really rare skill such as Alchemy. They tend to get slightly better treatment.

Next of the pecking order is the warriors. Warriors are defenders of the tribe. They are treated well and are respected. They will lay their life down for the tribe and most of the tribe remembers this and treats them with the respect they deserve.

Fighters are a bit different than warriors, they are more rare. On occasion a fighter will either owe a kobold tribe some debt or pay for his freedom with training. When this happens the tribe gains a group of trained fighters. Because of their specific education they tend to perform better than warriors and are slightly more valued.

Priest are not very common in kobold tribes, especially the less enlightened ones. The more advanced tribes quickly learn the value of priest. They often take the role as advisors and sometimes rule the tribe.

Rangers are rare but they due exist. They are a true boon to the tribe that has them. They perform the duty as a hunter and a scout. Frequently they work with the dire weasels kobolds are known to use to make a very dangerous commando like force. Rangers frequently alert a tribe to troubles before they start.

Paladins are a unknown to Kobolds. Some day they may form some sort of religious fighter but to be good, for the sake of being good is pretty foreign to them.

Monks are extremely rare. Interestingly enough kobolds can make great monks with their high agility and inborn sense of discipline kobolds are naturals. On the down side they suffer the same penalty as halflings and gnomes due to their size.

While some enlightened groups may have Druids it is not common. This is unfortunate because they benefit greatly. The ability to work with nature would greatly benefit the tribe. Druids are rare even in the more enlightened tribes.

Rouges are very popular with kobolds. By there very nature kobolds are sneaky. They feel relieving something of its possessions without a fight is the way to go. Theft within the tribe is very uncommon however, since you have to sleep sometime. Kobold thieves are frequently used as scouts and sentries and receive about the same respects as warriors.

Bards are unheard of among the more primitive tribes but are more common in the enlightened tribes. They do not serve as a entertainment but as teachers and store houses of knowledge. They also are valued as diplomats between tribes. Overall they are scholars for their people.

Sorcerers are very popular. They are the great equalizer. Their ability to cast spells is what gives many tribes a fighting chance. As you can imagine they are highly prized. One sorcerer with color spray can protect a tribe very well against low level adventurers.

Wizards are unheard of in the primitive tribe but are highly valued among the more evolved tribes. This is not just because of their spell ability, though that helps, but their sheer knowledge and tactical sense. A sorcerer may be able to cast more spells but a wizard can make the whole tribe more dangerous.

With all these classes you might ask who is king? Well among the more primitive tribes it usually a fighter or a sorcerer depending who is more powerful and popular. Among the more evolved tribes it an be anyone ad sometimes is a council. Generally the wiser and more intelligent are on the council but it can very from one tribe to the next.