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Minion of Anubis

Level: Clr4, Dead3
Component: V,S,F
Casting Time: 1 hour
Range: Touch
Target:1 10x10 square a level
Duration: Permenant
Save Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No

This unusal spell is used for protecting tombs. When a person enters who is not a priest of the religion who cast the spell. It will cause the bodies to animate and attack. They are not however undead. They are similar to constructs so no souls are effected. The bodies have hit dice equal to 1/3 the caster level and are treated as contructs. Their AC is whatever their equipment proovides them. Their hitpoints are 6hp per level and do damage with weapons provided with a strength of 18 (+4) This spell must be cast in a tomb, and if the spell doesn't cover the whole tomb it then must be cast multiple times. So if a 15th level cleric cast this spell on a tomb of four former warriors the result would be below
Anubis Minion medium sized construct HD: 5d10 HP:30 Init:+0 Speed: 20 (wearing plate), AC: +20(+8 full plate, +2lg steel shield) Atks: +7 (+3base, +4str)longsword (d8+4) Face/Reach: 5x5/5, SA: None SQ: Construct, Saves: Fort+3 Ref+1 Will+3