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Lord of Vision Navy

The Lord of vision Navy is small but is growing quickly. The decision that they must expand their borders have led to a flurry of activity at the ship yards. They are currently making do with what they have. The Navy has a fairly eclectic mix of equipment, some old enough that ther original crew have long since passed away, some so new you can smell the new ship smell in them. The ship are divided up into logical catagories

Small craft: Ask any experienced spacer while jump ships are the queens the small craft are the worker bee's. Without them they would be unable to get most of their work done. THe following are the small craft description

Fighters: While some might refer to these as small craft there purpose seperates them from the rest. Fighters are the bane of non capital ships. They can set upon a small warship like a swarm. They are fast and dangerous. Against capital ships however they are useless. Luckily few Capital ships get out the way.

System Defense Boats (SDB's): If you pull the jump drive and jump fuel off a ship you can pack alot of guns and manuver drives and more maneuver drives means you can have more armor. A 400 ton SDB vs a 400 ton jump 2 Corsair should win every time. So these frequently are found gaurding populted worlds frequently hunting in packs.

Escorts: Escorts are ment to be supplimental. They are not meant to be a battle ship. THey may dolone escort duties but are not designed to be a brawler. They are designed for speed and to be cheap. They frequently are assigned to either protect commerce or within a battle group to provide support fire.

Cruisers: Cruisers are meant to handle themselves. They frequently are well armored and have a decent amount of weaponry. If needed they can act independantly of any group thus showing the flag. They are not as heavy as destroyers and are far cheaper to produce. While not as effective as Battleships they are usually enough for most needs.

Carriers: Carriers are the mother ship. They bring swarms of smaller ships. They themselves usually try to stay out the fray since they are usually poorly armored and poorly armed. Their soul purpose is to bring as many small craft to bear as possible and to stay out of the way

Battleships: The queens of the battlefield. Battleship is the ultimate fighting ship heavily armed and armored they are meant to crush the opposition. Unfortunately they can also crush the ecconomy trying to build and support them. This is why they are few in number and are used to center peice a naval group

Support: Preahaps the most important part of any Navy and the most forgotten is the Support Ships. They are the logistical support for the rest of the navy. Without them the rest of the navy is just big piles of scrap