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Goals and Objectives

The thought of the confederation falling or deciding that LOV looks like a possible valid target has caused a slight panic among the members of the alliance. This is actually justified to some extent. It would not be hard for The Solomani Confederation to sweep through the Malorn sector and claim it as their own.

Given the fact that they are so small and that they are primarily made up of technocracies their goals and objectives reflect this. They have a very mechanical approach to the solution.

First is that they realize that like the Solomani confederation if they wish to compete with a larger entity they will need far greater resources than there nine worlds can produce. This means that a immediate goal is colonization of as many habitable worlds around them as possible. Later they will look at absorbing some of their neighbors but the colonization is seen as a faster and more immediate solution. This also means they will need to explore these worlds more. SO a colonization office will be opening soon as well as a scouting office.

Second goal is to increase their technological and industrial base. While Alhread may be at tech level 10, most of the other worlds are far behind. LOV intend to attack this problem by two means. One is to increase the technology on the lower tech brethren and at the same time to attempt to steal cutting edge technology from the Solomani, the Imperium, and the Hivers. Eventually the hope is that LOV can catch up with the Solomani Confederation, perhaps the Imperium. Such a increase in tech level is not common but is not impossible. The council has a group investigating the culture and mind set of the darrians who rocketed from tech level 3 to 13 in record time. The hope is that they can artificially induce the change.

It seems they have adopted four concepts that may assist them.

Next is the increase in physical capital. Plans are the first steps but resources. are necessary to make the plan viable. Since LOV consist of nine worlds there is a fair amount of resource, but no where the amount needed for this sort of project. Since the LOV are very limited in financial assets "alternate" means are to be employed.

  1. Scavenging: One mans junk is anothers man treasure. There is allot of stuff out there that nobody wants. Maybe its a little old or not the newest fad but useful still. For example TL9 machining centers would be discarded on a tech 11 world as obsolete junk but on Tasha they would be a serious upgrade. Frequently scrap such as this can be found for the price of its materials. Scavenging is the legal first part of the plan. Allot of old TL 9 and TL 10 spacecraft have been mothballed or sold for scrap. These would make useful additions to LOV.
  2. Theft: There are many names for it but it basically comes down to is taking someone elses stuff. There is a plan to both steal hardware and ships. First they will start small hitting free traders and small companies the gradually work up to megacorperations and governments
  3. Trade: Sometimes you have things others want and they are willing to trade for them. The LOV recognizes this and the most valuable trading items are frequently illegal. This serves two purposes though, first it gives you capital second things are illegal for a reason. Therefore undermining the society that your trading with.

Third is a increase in financial assets. A increase in financial assets gives the LOV a couple of strait forward benefits. First is money to legally buy assets. Second is considerable influence over local politics that are involved with the economies you effect. Lastly you have money to bribe people with, so your other activities go unnoticed.

The increase of financial assets will be achieved in a couple of methods. First is to channel illegal profits into legitimate enterprises. Second is to actually invest in the foreign economy so if they attempt to harm the LOV. They injure themselves financially.

Finally a increase in Intelligence. It was not till recently that LOV had a intelligence agency. It didn't need one. They were ignored. Only now have they realized the need. This means in the next few years their intelligence community will grow in size and scope. One of its first objectives is operation fallen angel.

While some of the council and close advisors have expressed some reservation on the goals and methods all have agreed to this course of action. They have realized that they are at such a disadvantage they need anything that gives them a step forward