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Solmani Crisis

The following information is cleared for only those with Omega clearance or higher. This is from the speech Intelligence Director Sarcov gave the high council in a closed door session.

Agents from operation deep strike have uncovered some information that is of concern to the council. As you remember Council members we sent nine agents into the Solomani Confederation on a information gathering mission. They operated as three separate groups acquiring information. They have not only achieved their goals but provided us with critical information. They have brought us back information that we should consider when planning the future of the alliance.

The first fact is that for the last few centuries the solomani confederation was a triumvirate of power. There was the executive branch represented by the council, the military and Solsec. The problem that has arisen is Solsec now controls most of the officers in the military and have blackmailed and intimidated many of the members of the executive branch. With Solsec in power expect to see a much more controlled Solomani Confederation and a much more aggressive Confederation This has already been seen.

The second fact that partially stems from the first fact that the Solomani confederation is getting more aggressive is that there is a 79% chance they will attack the Imperium in the next 12 years. There military budget has tripled and they are already starting many nationalistic movements especially among the Rim. Sources show that Solsec activity in the Rim is at a all time high.

Fact three there is a rise in political hate groups in the Confederation. It seems Solsec while attempting to increase Nationalistic feelings among its people it is also trying to make a attempt to remove anyone internally who might oppose it.

This has led us to certain conclusions. The first expect to see a war between the Confederation and the Imperium. This will result in a loss for the Confederation. They do not have the depth in resources the Imperium has. At some point the Solomani Confederation will realize that no matter how noble their cause the only way to beat the Imperium is to have as much resources. In other words 11,000 worlds to drain resources from. Since they obviously cant take these from the imperium they will look in our direction. If they decided today to move this direction logistics would keep them from being here for at least 50 years at worst. This has led me councilmen to provide you with this report before you. I say the Solomani are coming, sooner or later, and unless we are ready we shall cease to exist.