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Lords of Vision

923 Baru
Starport: I

Diameter: 7,212 miles (11,539km), Atmosphere: Standard Oxygen Nitrogen, Surface Water: 97%; Climate: Cool, Population: 5,120,000, Government:Control Rating: 2, TL: 6, Trade Classification: Ni,Ri,Wa, WTN:3

Baru is a wonderful water world. It is a world that is covered either in liquid water or Ice. The population lives in colonies in the permanent ice pack and on a series of islands near the equator.,

People of Baru are reasonably friendly and are known for there mater of fact way of looking at things. They tend to be cautious but at the same time inventive. They are the type of people likely to reinvent a better mouse trap. Engineering seems to be a hobby among the people. One of the thing one sees on Baru is everyone customizes there vehicle almost no two are the same. It seems to be a cultural thing.

924 Onondaga
Starport: III

Diameter: 8,130 miles (13,008km) Atmosphere: thin oxygen nitrogen, Surface Water: 39%, Climate:Cold, Population 907, Government: Athenian Democracy, Control Rating: 1, TL: 6, Trade classification: Lo, Ni, WTN:2

Onondaga is a potential agricultural world waiting to happen. While the atmosphere is thin it is very abundant in natural life including a very large predator know as Halis Bear. The people who live here are mostly outdoorsmen and those who enjoy being away from it all. They tend to trade furs at the starport.

925 Fabienne
Starport: III

Diameter: 6,900 (11,040km) Atmosphere: Standard Oxygen Nitrogen, Surface Water:51%, Climate:Cool, Population: 110,000, Government: Technocracy, Control Ratng: 2, TL:7 Trade Clasification: Ag, Ni, WTN: 3.5

Fabiene is another world that has great agricultural output. The local fauna has been bread with many from earth to create interesting hybrids. Most Folks live near the equator since that is the most productive land.

The people here are slightly insular but not to the point of being rude. They like to do tings themselves and hate relying on others. There is a joke about how many fabiennes does it take to install a glow stick, doesnít matter because they donít need you sticking your nose in to find out.

1024 Thelma
Starport: II

Diameter: 2,900 miles (4,640m) Atmosphere: None, Surface Water: None, Climate: None. Population: 61,230, Government: Athenian Democracy, Control Rating:0, TL:8, Trade Classification: Ex, Ni, Va, WTN:2.5

Thelma is rich in mineral resources which is why people are still there. That and they have a strong pride in surviving in a harsh environment. One interesting feature is that once one comes of age, they are fitted with a data jack. It is part of their society. Everyone is part of the community and is deeply involved in issues. Votes frequently go before the people and they have a 92 % participation in their democracy

1025 Beldon
Starport: II

Diameter: Asteroid Belt. Atmosphere: None, Surface Water: None, Climate: None, Population: 932,100, Government: Bureaucracy, Control Rating: 5, TL:8 Trade Classification: As, Ex, Ni,Va WTN: 3

Beldon is a asteroid belt with amazing quality of ore. Recently Lanthinum was found there. Belters are known for there wild carefree way of life. They generally live by Live and let Live personality. The colonies also have a large smelting and manufacturing capabilities.

1126 Piter
Starport: III

Diameter: 8,320 miles (13,312km), Atmosphere: standard oxygen nitrogen, Surface Water: 63%, Climate: Warm, Population: 161,000 Government: Representative Democracy, Control Rating: 4, TL: 7, Trade Classification: Ag, Ni, WTN: 3.0

Piter is a jungle like world. It is known for its ability to go food stuffs. The farmers of Piter are known for their practicality, and hard working nature. They have developed a strong religion based on nature and life energy many say reminds them of Zen Buddhism but is much more pragmatic.

1127 Tasha
Starport: II

Diameter: 4,319 miles (6,910km), Atmosphere: Very Thin Oxygen Nitrogen, Surface water: none, Climate: Chilly, Population: 3,130,000,000, Government: Oligarchy, Control Rating: 6, TL:8 Trade Classification: Hi, In, Na, WTN:4

Tasha is is a small crowded industrial complex. It is a warren of building. Space is a premium. People from Tasha are use to living in very cramped conditions and tend to forget other people tend to value privacy. The crushing population has Tasha looking at the prospect of colonization in a very favorable light.

1226 Alhraed
Starport: IV

Diameter: 3,135 miles (5,016 km), Atmosphere: None, Surface water: None, Climate: None, Population: 3,659,000, Government: Technocracy, Control Rating: 5, Tech Level: 10, Trade Classification: Ex, Na, Ni, Va, WTN: 4

Alhraed is the tech capital of the LOV. They have just produced a brand new Highport. While technically the can and do create Jump capable ships they are not large enough to warrant a V port rating yet.

Alhraed is famous for its college and data network. This is a scientist dream. There is more research and development done on this one planet than the rest of LOV together. They seem to have a firm belief science can cure all problems.

1227 Verdi
Starport: II

Diameter: 2,905 miles Atmosphere: None, Surface Water: None, Climate: None, Population 1,365,900, Government: Technocracy, Control Rating: 0, Tech Level: 8, Trade Classification: Ex, Na ,Ni,Va WTN: 3.5

Verdi is perhaps one of the strangest world of LOV, While Alhraed pushes science forward the people of Verdi revel in technology. If there is a way to make something more technical they will try. Verdi is a place where the bathrooms have more processing power than some aircraft. Those of Verdi love Cybernetics. They even have voluntary surgery to add it.