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10-ton Miras-class Shuttle, NS334 (TL9)

Miras is a popular small shuttle. It is capable of carrying 11 passengers and the pilot and 3.5d tons of cargo. THey are frequently found on small craft

Crew: Total =1, Pilot

Hull: 10-ton VGSL, non Lifting Body, Medium Frame, Standard Materials, Durasteel (Expensive) Armored Hull (DR 100), Standard Compartmentalization.

Control Areas: Cockpit/Systems (Complexity 5).

Communicator Range (mi) Radio Maser Laser Meson
Cockpit/Systems 1,000,000 0 200,000 0
Sensors Range/Rating (mi) Passive Active Radscanner
Cockpit/Systems 4,500/33 20,000/37 100/23

Engineering: 2 Maneuver Drive (1.13 / 1.13 Gs, 60 stons thrust), Sm Utility.

Accommodations: Sm Passenger Seating (5 Passengers).

Stores: 3.5 real cargo (0 dtons free for cargo).

Statistics: EMass 53.26 stons, LMass 53.26 stons, Cost MCr3.64, HP 2,700, Damage Threshold 270, Size Mod 6, HT 12, 9.2 Man-Hours/day Maintenance.

Space Performance: sAcc 1.13 / 1.13 Gs.

Air Performance: aSpeed 740 mph, Skimming aSpeed 4,473 mph, aLift 60 stons.

Underwater Performance: Unable to Submerge.

Sample Times : Orbit 00:00:12, Escape Velocity 00:00:17, 100D 00:06:01, Earth-Mars 04:07:17.

All times are Earth Std, Full Load.
100D and Earth-Mars assume mid-point turnover.
All times in DD:HH:MM format
Turrets add to Jump Tonnage for Jump Drive/Fuel calculations