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2,000-ton Hercules-class Jump Ship, Namis (TL9)

The hercules class ships are the some of the biggest ships that can be found in the Lords of Vision space. They always are accompanied by a armed escort. They get used rarely since most people do not have that much to move

Crew: 5 bridge, 23 engineers, 1 medical

Hull: 2,000-ton USL, Medium Frame, Standard Materials, Crystaliron (Expensive) Armored Hull (DR 100), Standard Compartmentalization.

Control Areas: Command Bridge(Complexity 7).

Communicator Range (mi) Radio Maser Laser Meson
Command Bridge 10,000,000 0 2,000,000 0
Sensors Range/Rating (mi) PESA AESA Radscanner
Command Bridge 20,000/37 100,000/41 2,000/31

Engineering: 40 Jump Drive, 260 Maneuver Drive(1.00 / 1.00 Gs, 7,800 stons thrust), 200 Fuel Tank, 4 Fuel Processor(14.3 hours to refine ), 4 Utility, 101.5 Man-Hours/day Maintenance.

Accommodations: 20 Stateroom, Full Life Support, Sickbay(2 Patients).

Stores: 1319 Cargo, 40 Vehicle Bay(40 dtons for small craft available).

Statistics: EMass 7,793.65 stons, LMass 7,793.65 stons, Cost MCr447.52, HP 90,000, Size Mod 11, HT 12, CP 457.

Performance: Jump-1, Acc 1.00 / 1.00 Gs, Airspeed 40 mph, Skimming Airspeed 252 mph, Aerostatic Lift 7,800 stons.

Sample Times (Earth Std, Full Load): Orbit 11:14:22, Escape Velocity 16:09:37, 100D 00:06:23, Earth-Mars 04:13:35.

Turrets add to Jump Tonnage for Jump Drive/Fuel calculations
All times in DD:HH:MM format