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Artistic Skills

Artistic skills are often left out of alot of games. I see this as ironic since so many people have artistic skills. I like to reward characters who have artistic talents.

Fashion Design (Mental/Average)
Defaults: IQ-5
This is the skill of clothing design. Frequently someone will specialize but sometimes not. This allows the person to come up with new and interesting designs for clothing. It is heavily culturally influenced. To be a major designer you also need reputaion (as a fashion designer) and it adds to this skill when you use it. THis does not include any of the skill of actually making the clothes just the design of them.

Interior Design (Mental/Average)
Defaults: IQ-4, Artist-3
This is the skill of making a room look good. It covers what is neccessary to make a room look aesteically pleasing. It does not include skills like household electronic or plumbing. Those skills may or may not be need to create such a design
Note that there is a cultural influnence at work. A american designer can make a american home have a chineese look to it but that does not mean, people from china will find it appealing, most likely they will not. So the skill is heavily influenced by the culture the user is from. To change ones view point one would need to spend a great deal of time in another culture and then buy the skill from that cultural viewpoint.

Model (Physical/Hard)
Default DX-5
This is the ability to not only to get up in front of people and look good, but make whatever they want you to show off look good. This skill is also a endurance event. A four hour shoot in shoes that don't fit while on a 120 degree stage hold some perfume that does smell like toilet water and all the time looking beautiful, happy and enjoying yourself.