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Item Creation

50pts +25 pts/level

This allows the user to create item out of thin air. This is somewhat limited however. While one can create objects out of thin air one is limited to what one can create normally. First level allows the user to create a object of 5 pounds, each additional level allows the user to double that. The item can not be a living creature. You can only create what you understand. If you want to create a simple kitchen knife that is pretty strait forward if you want to created a microprocessor you best have electrical engineering with a specialization in microprocessors. The more complex the item the greater the negative modifier. A electrical engineer wants to create a electric motor within his weight allowance. He would be able to do so. He would need some sort of specification or blueprint to do so. While he may have the general knowledge of how to create the motor he won’t know exact dimensions etc. The chart below will show times. A person with eidetic memory first level will only take half the time and full eidetic memory will take quarter making something they never saw before otherwise it is instantaneous except for very complex and amazing. They will be reduced by a factor of ten. Otherwise it is created instantaneously. Gadgeteers benefit the most from this because they can create stuff of higher tech levels.

Complexity Skill Modifier Time Modifier Example
Simple 0 0 Knife, hammer, no moving parts
Moderate -3 X1 Has moving parts less than 20, toaster, basic tools, bike
Complex -7 X5 Has many moving parts but basically not mixed mechanical electrical. Guns, watches, clocks, power supply
Very complex -9 X10 Many moving parts and mixed types. Microwave oven, Printers, motorcycle
Amazing -11 X20 micro-processors, cybernetics, nano, high precision items

Time to create Items is 1 minute per pound. So bob wants to create a knife he can do that instantly, but wants to create a 15 pound bike, this is a moderate item it requires 15 minutes of concentration. If bob had first level eidetic memory it would be seven and a half minutes, second level if he had never created one before, would be three minutes and forty five second. If he had created one before then it would be instantaneous.

Items made from special materials take twice as long, and items of extreme complexity for their size can take twice or more as long again. For example bob wanted to create a micro processor for his new pc. It only weighs one pound(the minimum weight), he has skills necessary to create it. The chip itself is gold and silicon. Gold being a special material doubles the time. The fact it is very complex per pound quadruples it again. So bob is looking at 1 minute (1 pound minimum)X 20 (amazing complexity) X2 (special materials) x4 (very complex for size)=160 minutes. Not bad for a Cray III processor.

If a gadgeteer is attempting to make something he must have done some research first as normal. Trying to create something that is 1 tech level higher requires x4 time and two levels is x10 and three is x50. For example bob wants a kick ass laptop. He has all the skills to create one. He has done his research taking 3d months. He calculates his weight standard computer 40 lbs x .25 (TL modifier) x.5 (Compact) =10lbs. He is at tech level 7 and the computer is going to be a TL 10 laptop that has the following features: compact, genius, high capacity, and neural net. Gm starts with 10 pound, X20 for amazing complexity, x2 special materials, X4 very complex for size,X50 for three tech levels higher= 8000 minutes or 133hours, or 5days 13hours. This may require life support. Remember a that they must be concentrating. Now if he had eidetic level 2 it would be 2000 minutes about 33 hours, and if his second time it would be 800 minutes about 13 hours. The savings in cash would be $551,250

Enhancement:+40% Can create living things, remember intelligent beings have free will

If players should try to abuse this by selling off stuff have their stuff become unpredictable quality when it is not around them for a while. This assumes that this power gently reinforces the reality of the object when player is around. Otherwise roll 3d6 every time it is used and on a critical failure it breaks.