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Welcome to the Imagination Factory. This is a page Dedicated to gaming and the use of Imagination. Things may seem a little scant at first but they will come around.

My goal is to give you some good new stuff to look at and play with. I will try to update this page frequently, or at least as frequently as my life will allow.

What to expect? Well first we are going to focus on a couple of things. There will be three games on this page. They Will be Gurps®, D20®, and Rifts®. I will have a few links, and some reviews of products.

I would like to take a second and congratulate Wizards of the Coast for their open gaming license agreement. I think it will be good for them and good for the industry.

A Note on navigation. To the left is the standard navigation bar that we know and love. To the bottom  in that screen we have all the trade marks and associated legal stuff.

With that said hope you enjoy the pages, all feedback is welcome

Last Update 09/17/02 7 new Spells in D20
09/13/02 Bunch of New ships in LOV
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