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Survival Equipment

Thermal Bag:This appears to be a sleeping bag but actually has heating elements in it This allpws the user to go far beyond what a normal bag can go. A very good unheated bag will be good to -15f or -26C. But a thermal bag will let you get down to -30f or -34C. This means that you don't have to worry about sleeping in extreme conditions.The heating unit runs off a small battery that can be recharged off a vehicle or normal power source and lasts 10 hours. If desperate a eclip can be rigged using 1 charge a hour weight:3.5lbs 1.58Kg cost:850credits

Water Filter: It is a fact one of the greatest enemies tha anyone can face s bad water The local bacteria can be veey harmful especially when you are not use to it. This looks like a thin cylander with two hoses and a t shaped handle to pump water. Inside is a filter, the filter removes normal contaminates and most bacteria. You can produce a gallon in about 5 minutes.The cartridges are good for about 100 gallons and take a few seconds to replace weight: 1lb, .45kg cost 150 credits

Presurized Tent: Frequently used to keep outside atmosphere from entering the tent, the tent is slightly over pressured so there is air going out but not in. These tend to be big and bulky. They are often used for things like labs and hospitals. There are two standard sized a 12x12 tent and a 20x20 tent Both also have a a small generator that runs the air filtration and pumping system. They both have a small one person air lock. weight: 425lbs ,192.8Kg (12x12), 650lbs 294.8kg (20x20), cost: 11,000 credits (12x12), 26,000credits (20x20)

Solar Panel This is a 8'x8' (2.43m x 2.43m)solar panal. On a sunny day it can produce the equivalent amount of power as a house outlet. On clodier days it will produce less. It folds like cloth to amout 1' x 1' (.30m x .30m) x 2"(5cm) It has a series of univeral jacks that allow it to be pluged into a variety of equipment weight: 5.2lbs (2.4Kg) cost: 1200cr