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Name Ling Chu
Description The Amazing MS. Chu as many of the town members call her. She is in her mid forties but looks in her early thirties. Many are surprised when they meet her son and daughter. She runs a wonderful restaurant serving all kinds of Chinese and Tibetan dishes. She is on the town council who values her Taoist look on things. She also teaches Ba Gua to the locals and is well known as a lady who can handle herself.
race Human
Alignment Scrupulous
I.Q. 15 P.P. 19
M.E. 17 P.E. 17
M.A. 13 P.B. 15
P.S. 17 Spd. 13
Hit Points 39 S.D.C. 66
Weight 105 pounds (48kg) Height 5' 2" (156cm)
Age 47
P.P.E. 6 Chi 35
Experience Blind Mystic 7th Level
Disposition Ms. CHu is usually quite reserved. When she needs to make a point It usually comes as a parable or a koan as opposed to a outright statement
Skills of Note Chinese Stage zero 90%, Sculpture 50%, Language Tibetan 95%, First Aid 85%, Play flute 85, Swimming 98%, Wrestling, Palming 60%, Taoism 84%, Psychology 70%, WP Staff, Cooking 92%, Acrobatics, Gymnastics, Radio:basic 90, Language English 90%, Writing 55%, Streetwise 74%, Sense of Balance 85%, Tight Rope 85%, Climb rope 84%, climb 68%, Back Flip 98%, Prowl 65%
Special Abilities Chi sight, Sense Chi Movement, Eye of Chi, Spirit sight, Other world eye Mediumship, Blind mans divination, immune to visual horror
Psionics: None
Magic: none
Combat Training Martial Arts: Ba Gua
Attacks Per Melee 3
Combat Bonuses Parry +5 ,Dodge +5,Hand strike +4, Strike+2, Hand damage +4, Damage +2 Rear +1,Roll +7, Knock-out/Stun on natural 19 or 20, Blind Mans Kata, Chi Healing, Body Chi, Dragon Chi, +2 to horror, +2 vs. Possession +1 magic, +1 psionics
Weapons: Staff +5 to strike, +6 to parry, +2 to throw, +2 to damage
Armor none
Other Equip. none of note
Notes: If unable to use third eye she suffers the following penalties in combat - 3 to parry in melee, - 4 to dodge in melee, -7 dodge long range, -4 to strike, -7 to throw or shoot, -2 pull punch, -2 on init, -1 roll