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The J'kaddir are a race of feline quadrupeds. They come from a planet in which they were the top of the food chain. They have a sophisticated culture. They are actually reasonably technologically advanced. While they have no opposable thumbs or even hands for that matter. They have developed psionics that help them overcome that limitation. They use Telekinesis to move things and Telepathy to communicate

J'kaddir like to travel in groups. They are friendly despite there somewhat aggressive demeanor. They will travel with other races if they have someone else with telepathy in the group. They love to hunt and do well as packs since they can communicate with each other silently. They tend to have playful but slightly aggressive tendencies. Rough housing is one of their favorite pastimes.

Alignment: Most are Scrupulous or Unprincipled
Attributes: I.Q. 3d6, M.E. 3d6, M.A. 3d6, P.S. 4d6, P.P. 3d6+4, P.E. 3d6, P.B. 3d6, Spd. 5d6
Hit Points: P.E. + 1d6 per level of experience
SDC: 50+ those gained from O.C.C.'s and physical skills
Natural Armor Rating: None
Horror Factor: None
P.P.E: 3d6
Natural Abilities: J'kddir have night vision 90'. All have Telekinesis and telepathy reguardless of O.C.C. They have the ability to jump 12 high and 20' in length with little trouble.
Combat: Two without any combat training. Their claws do d8 S.D.C damage and if they bite they do 2d6 S.D.C
Bonuses: +2 to init, +2 to maintain balance in addition to those gained through skills or from a O.C.C
Psionics: Minimum of telepathy, and telekenisis plus those from a O.C.C
I.S.P: M.E. + 20 + d4 per level if they do not take a psionic O.C.C. If they choose a psychic class they get a +20 I.S.P bonus instead.
Average Life Span: 115 years
O.C.C: Mind Melter, Psi-Duid, Psi Slayer (has psi-claws insted of psi dagger), Psi tech, Psi Warrior, Burster, Zapper
Skills Of Note: Prowl +10
Habitat: J'kiddir have the ability to live from semi-polar regions to semi-tropical area's comfortably
Enemies: dogboys - just kidding, none
Allies: likes telepaths
Size: 3.5-4ft (1.1-1.2m) at sholder, 4.5-5 ft (1.4-1.5m) in length
Weight: 450-550 pounds (204-250Kg)
Notes: While they may not have hands their telekinesis allows them to manipulate light objects. If it is under 1 pound (.45kg)they can do it for free